Tuesday, May 01, 2007

CD Foil Technique on Polymer clay

My friend, the Great Scott has given me the idea of using foil on the cover of a CD with Polymer clay. The results are these beautiful pieces, and tons of light bulb ideas that pop up in my head.
P.S. I'll ask Scott if I can write the tut. for this one. You can ask him too.
Fun Facts: Thailand has a custom where when there is a marriage the couple moves into one of the families houses. Saves mortgage, and when you have kids, you have a live in baby sitter. Too bad I did not take advantage of that free service because I have all 3 kids here, although grandma and granpa did come to live with us for a couple of years.
Click on MY WEB ALBUM to see more picture of my pieces created with this technique.


Stacey Apeitos said...

Very hi-tech looking. I love it!

catherien said...

The long ones would make awesome earrings... great job with these, Ponsawan.


Scott said...

Can't wait to see the tute on these, they look great!