Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bumpy Beads

I would like to dedicate these beads to "The two men and Polymer clay". You know whom I am referring to, right? The way they can turn $1.99 per pack material into something that would sell for $500 and up, is a real inspiration.
Learn how to made these beads at
P.S. The Bumpy beads were selling fast at the bead show.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

What's on my table

I am working on the swirly Blue beads today. I figured that if I keep making just one shade of color at a time then I can keep them at the same shade. I sold my first batch of Blue beads, yeh!
Any way, I just want to say Happy Holidays to everyone. For me, I am putting my Holidays on hold until my daughter comes home. She misses us and we miss her. I can't blame her for not hurrying home, after all, who want to come back to Indiana when you have a great time in Paris.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


I just found the new way to do Mokume Gane without having to slide the thin layer out of the stack of clay sheets (not my favorite thing to do). It starts out as Christi Friesen's Mogume Gane, with a few twists, I came up with this cool results. These pendants got the looks of Mogume Gane and "Fordite" (see I also can make matching beads from the scrap. Sanding and buffing these pendants is quite fun and they look much better. I am going to call them "SILASTONES".
The tutorial for this is finished. You can view it at Please leave the comment, thank you.
P.S. I was inform that this technique was published and taught by Donna Kato. I'd neither seen it nor taken any class from her. But I 'd always been inspired by her talent and the willingness to share her knowledge.

Las Vegas skyline

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Golden Gingko Necklace

This is kindda odd combination. I usually don't do mix and match but I tried it any way. It looks interesting. What do you think?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Black on White

Another one of my favorite. Which one is your? Wait, I will have another one coming up in a few day, so you can tell me later.

French Impressionism

My new, bigger piece made with SBSMG (Skinner Blend-stamped-Mogume Gane) technique. The skinner blend part is not quite perfect, because I try to blend too many colors together. Just give me a couple of days to work with it. I am able to incorporate some of my beads that I have made before with it. I really like this one. The wax linen cord gave a softer look to the necklace as well as made it easy to add more beads. Just cut more string, add beads, tied up the ends and tie it to the necklace.
P.S. My friend at PCCchat room gave this technique a name; Hidden Magic. (Read the comment)
P.S. I would like to also credit Barbara McGuire. I watch Carol Duvall show and she was using the rubberstamp to make impression on layers of clay. She used the white clay underneath the black clay, then slide the whole thing to reveal the image. I also used her rubberstamp sheet here.:)

Stones, rocks & Pebbles

Can you tell which one is a real pebble?
I always like the look and the feel of stones. I bought some River stones that had been drilled for a hole, but they are expensive for people with no budget like me. So, One day my son came over and mixed all my scrap clay together. With some more of my wild and crazy ideas, that ugly color ball of clay turned out like pebbles. So, here it is. Just enough for one necklace and a pair of earrings
Too bad, next batch will not have the same color like this one, but I'm sure it will look different.

Green Ring

Another use for Green curly-q.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Evergreen Kissing Balls

These are my new Christmas Beads. The tutorial had been posted at my other blog www.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Flower Topiary Beads

After making the rings, I had many tiny clay snake around my table, so I roll them up and stick them to the black ball. Flattened and Rolled them between the palms of my hands and the results are the multi-colored beads on the top row. Interesting, I told myself. Next, the blue beads, I keep the colors in the same hue. Next row, I tried pink, red, orange and purple. Then, it just occurred to me that I can leave the swirly clay as they were, just pressed down lightly, no rolling.
They look like Topiary balls to me, don't you think? Beads with texture and can be made with never ending color combinations. I love it!