Monday, July 30, 2007

Pretty little thing

My niece, Eliana Kelly, was born last Monday. We went to visit her on Sunday. She is so tiny. Such a good baby, she smiles a lot, eats and poops and sleeps most of the time. Not much of the non-stop crying like all my 3 babies. Good for the new parents.
Neo, also recovered from his surgery. He is standing on his back legs now, so the surgery was sucessful. Thanks for all the kind messages for him.

Friday, July 27, 2007


My Corgi, Neo, had a back surgery on Tuesday. He now has 30 staples on his back. Without the surgery, he will be paralyzed from his waist down. We did not have a second thought about saving him, but with the hospital bill, I will have to go to work for a while. Which means less post or message.
I still have some more information I got from CHA that I like to share, but will have to get to it some other time. I also have a newborn niece that I want to help taking care of. Neo will need care for 2-3 weeks before he can be on his own.
My daughter's boyfriend flew from Paris to visit her. Haven't seen him yet. Not sure how to react.
Life should get back to normal next month. I also have 2 shows in August.
Till then, wish me luck and have fun claying.

Monday, July 23, 2007

CHA-2007 Read all about it

What's a fun and exciting event to be. As you can see, the Bottle of Hope was the main event of this show for me. My butterfly got lost, but it was Ok with me. I will get another one on there before they auction it off. Lynne Ann bottle is amazing, as well as her necklaces, especially the one the won her a few awards. Tommie (aka -Big mouth) was so nice. He gave me a hug. It was so nice to finally meet him. Cat and I hang out for a day and ran into each other a dozen times on the next day. We did got so much accomplished. As a Polymer Clay Artist, I am trying to promote the material as well as the arts of making jewelry with clay.
I went to visit Jeannie at Making clay. We have so much fun talking and laughing. I bet her 10 bugs that I will get to smooch Scoot first, and I did.
I met Tamara marble, she was selling her cane. You can look at her works here. I bought some of her cane because they are so cute and I cannot make something like that, period. Enjoy the slide show and I will talk more about what I did later. By the way, thanks to Donna Kato's blog about CHA in Ananheim, and Judy Dunn who wrote a blog about how to promote yourself as an artist.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hugs & Kisses from CHA

Lots of hugs and kisses for Scott this past weekend at CHA. I'll write some more tomorrow. (Noticed that my camera must be shaking while I was taking this picture, I must be jealous or something) LOL

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Souvenir from Japan

My husband's family came here for a visit. At the airport in Japan, my sister-in-law managed to grab something for us. From the left; Plastic Sushi key chain, next, the rice cracker with a tiny dried shrimp in the middle. Small cookies with chocolate inside. Banana and strawberry yogurt candies, both with chocolate inside. And the ultimate "Wasabi Pistachio". So good and so hot, I cried a tear of joy.
FUN FACT & TIPS: We eat with spoon and fork. First we put rice on the plate and top it with food. I had mentioned earlier that we share foods, but don't pile up different things on your plate at one time. Try it one at a time so you can savor the real taste. We use spoon to scoop the rice with the help from the fork so you get rice, sauce (or curry) and other ingredients at the same time. Also buy only Jasmine rice from Thailand. It is the best. :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How I made my necklace

many of my fans :) had asked me how do I make my necklace, so here it is.

Bottle of Hope - 2007

This year my goal is to enter the Bottle of Hope contest and make it to top 25. AMACO will have the Bottle of Hope reception at CHA and I just want to be part of it. My friend, Scott, won both People's choice award and Designer's choice award last time. Scott and his works had inspired me in many ways. This year my bottle will be display among the top 25 winning bottles at CHA in Chicago.

About a week before a dateline, I made a sketch, even though I had a picture in my head already. This will keep me focus. About half way done, they postponed the dateline, so the bottle sat on my table for a month. I finally get it done a days before the dateline. This was not a good practice but I performed better with time crunch.

First, I was thinking about making a butterfly to put on top of my bottle. Butterfly cane? I just kidded myself. Finally I took a sheet of Copper mesh and cut out the butterfly, ran it through candle's flame to get colors then wired it up and stuck it on the top. Pretty interesting I think.

I am happy with the bottle and my chance to be at CHA to rub an elbow with other Polymer Clay Artists. I am honored.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pillow Beads or Pizza Roll

This pillow shape beads is not hollowed inside like regular pillow beads. It has the filling inside and shaped like the Pizza Roll. Don't you agree.
I used my new stamp here, Barbara McGuire's stamp sheet of course. I bought 3 sheet at Bead&Button. Next week I will go to CHA. Wish I had some extra money to spend, but getting to see other Polymer clay artists will be a nice treat.
FUN FACT & TIPS: We do not call other people by just their names. Unless that person is your friend, otherwise it is polite to put "khoon" in front of their names, or "pee" which means older sister or brother, "na" is for younger aunt, "r" is for younger uncle, "pa" is for older aunt, "loong"is for older uncle, "pu" or "ta"is for grandpa, "ya" or "yay" is for grandma. Confuse enough! Next time you meet me just say "Sawasdee Ka Khoon Ponsawan"

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I made this necklace with the flower pendant I made the other day. I am low on finished jewelry for both, the Boutique and the shows. I did not make good sale at B&B so I have a lot of pretty beads to make jewelry with. As you see below, I'd made 26 bracelets last week.
I was asked to help design the new expansion of the restaurant that my daughter works. It was a lot of fun. This might keep me away from claying all day, but I need something else to do. I have too many ideas I want to do with clay. Too many that sometime I cannot decide what to do. This will be a good break.

Bracelets made with my Polymer Clay beads