Saturday, May 05, 2007

Indiana Bead Society Workshop

I had a privilege to teach a class at IBS Spring Workshop today. I had 9 students in my class. The most I ever had so far, so I was pretty nervous. I tried to condition the clay and leach the clay before hand, but it was so warm in the room, the clay was smoochy. Most of them had never use clay before. That's why I conditioned and mixed the clay for them, so we can get right to the technique. I only had 4 pasta machines to use anyway. I taught my Mokume Express technique because it was easy, almost no mistake and the result is stunning. There were a lot of Uh and Ah because everyone got different result according to the colors they had picked. We all had a good time and made enough beads for a necklace or two. One lady was wearing a bracelet she made with my beads. She was so excited to learn that I made those beads, and I love to see what people made with my beads.
I had to pad myself in the back, I did good and pretty happy with myself today. I had decided to seek more opportunities to teach, so more and more people can have fun with clay. I think I just added 9 more clay addicted to the PC world. :)


Scott said...

I'm so proud of you Ponsawan!
A lucky bunch of students to have you as a teacher, Keep up the great work!

Sandi said...

Way to go, Ponsawan! I'm not surprised.

Marnie said...

Well said.