Wednesday, September 27, 2006

when i FALL in love

These are some of the leaf pendants I made. I just walked out to the back door and came back with a Sugar Maple leaf. And the rest is history.
These pendants will go well with Fall Color Outfits at the Boutique. Ok, this is not the imprint of the leaves. I draw each one out, cut a small mesh wire and use it for reinforcement between two clay sheets, cut it out and hand draw (scribble) all the veins. My first year at Ball State U., during Plant Identification Class, we have to walked around campus and studied trees. We learned to ID trees by their leaves. By the time the final came, all the leaves were gone. and I was doomed. They let me passed the test anyway.


This necklace reminds me of a red Kimono I got when my mom went to visit Japan in 1960. The red chunky coral beads are the nice complement with the black beads.

Black & White Swirly beads

Black and white bead always sell first at the Bead Show. I got to make more.

Shimmering Raku

I used Fimo metallic powder to make this Raku (look alike) beads.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sugar Maple

I had always been fasinated with the color of the Sugar Maple's leaves in Autumn. It is so beautiful. The first year at BSU, I worked in the computer room up on the 5th floor. Looking out of the window to see the purplelish sky and yellowish-brown trees, I could spot my orangie Sugar Maple trees down below.
I hope this necklace went home with someone this Saturday.
By the way, this necklace went home with my friend, Karen. Thanks Karen!

Another Blue Necklace

Here is the different design using the same technique. I can feel the little foamy bubbles tingling between my toes.
It's the catch of the day.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

She sells seashells on the seashore

This lovely blue necklace reminds me of the time I spend on the beach where sky is bright, water is blue and the white foam that is washed ashore with the waves. Except that the shells here are the Hill Tribe Silver beads from Thailand.

P.S. The technique I used was the same old Mugume Gane. I layered the different shades of blue on top of white, poked the holes with all kinds of thing and slided it in an angle.