Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Eyeglass Man

This little guy is made from an eyeglass frame. It was bent and smashed together. I was about to threw it away, then I started to see the body, the arms, feet and hands.
Last week at Claypen Chat, we had to submit something we made and the theme was Whimsical. Being a last minute person, I scrambled to finish this little guy just in time. Now the question is what should I do with him? Any suggestiion? A pin, may be.
Fun Fact & Tip We don't wear shoes in the house. If you visit a Thai friend, take off your shoes once you get inside.


Bosporus Glass said...

Hiii Ponsawan,

I love that little man.
He is soo cute... !! If you can't find something to do with him, just send him over here... I'll show him around. :)


P.S.: We don't wear shoes in the house here in Turkey as well.

Swarovski crystals said...

I adore the Eyeglass Man. He's fantastic!!