Friday, June 23, 2006

Here's my heart

Hot off the oven today. Here's my new design. Yummy color isn't it? I am finally convinced myself that I should make matching pieces for earrings and pendants. (Duh..)
After seeing some of Christi Friesen's work, polymer clay sculpture will be my next things since I can incorporate beads and other materials with it.
Thanks Christi!

Bead&Button Show 2006

Ponsawan & Laura at Bead&Button Show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I had a pretty good show. Not selling as much as I would hope for but good enough to cover the expenses for the trip. I have met so many people I had long been admired. I met and talk to Polymer Clay artists, bought some books, new stamps and lots of new ideas.
Thanks Laura for giving me this opportunity.
P.S. I think Laura has the most beautiful beads in the whole show. Stop by at her booth next time.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Donuts anyone?

Actually, they are pendants with hole at the top so you can use the headpin to make a loop.

For those who are going to Bead&Button Show, please stop by and see my beads.

For my friends in Thailand, I wish I was there. Tell Thaw I say HI! Get well soon.

I hope you guys like my jewelry. Buy, buy, buy.

These are new beads. Just hot off the oven.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Flowers beads

How does your garden grow?

More and more beads

Raku style without fire and chemical. One of my best seller. The "cubie" as I call them.
Want to know the secret?
Just ask!

More beads

Sets of beautiful beads for earrings. The orange ones are the best seller. Pink is my favorite. Which one is your?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Welcome to Silastones

Hello friends
Yeh! I finally have a place where I can show off my beads and jewelry.
I am going to Beads&Button Show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to sell my beads. I will be there on Thursday-Saturday. Please stop by and see my beads at Booth #1017-1118 (Beadroom).