Monday, May 31, 2010

Claying or Drawing ?

I tried to keep busy, running back and forth, in and out of Ada's room, I have 5 to 10 min. to clay. It is hard to come up with a big project, or get the whole thought together and come up with something in a scale and quality that I would like to do.
I made some beads, send them out with my friend who is a vendor and sell through big bead shows around the Midwest. I used to do that a few years back, successfully. But She did not sell any strand in Atlanta last week. Very discouraged. I am making a few more trays so she can sell them at Bead&Button in Milwaukee. Not excited about it but it will help pay for the trip. Oh, I will be there for a few days, my vacation.

Since I am still make rings for "Ring-A-Day" project, I wrote some tutorials and post them on the other blog.
May be I should move my work table away from Ada's room, get away, lock myself up till I can make something. I am not strong enough to do that, I want to be with her.

We took Ada to the Museum a lot and the flowers in the garden were in full bloom, so I took a lot of pictures. Scott's also sending pictures of his Wisteria, Tulips, Iris among others flowers. I pick up some paper and pencil and start sketching. From the note card size to 9"x12" size and suddenly, I felt very happy.
here's a sample of one of my drawing. It is a fantasy garden with lots of flowers. I could never have a garden like Scott's, so I draw mine.
A few drawings later, I had this in my head; "Claying or Drawing?"
I feel like I am at the dead end of claying. Really, when some thing you do for fun turn out to be a job (because I need to make some money), it took a fun out of it.
I also feel like I am so far behind my creativity with clay. Looking at other people works, it is hard to catch up.
May be I will draw and paint for a while, forget about the clay. may be I will get my groove back, who knows, who cares?
P.S. I posted last nite and the next morning heard the news about Kathereen Dustin's struggle with her art. Shouldn't I feel better by now?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Black and White

Month of May means Indy 500 racing spectacular here in Indianapolis. We live not too far from the track and can hear the sound of the engine from home. I had been asked to make checker beads. Just simple Black&White, right. It is an annoying process to touch black clay and have to clean your fingers real good before touching white clay. But the result is pretty good. I might do more with this 2-3 color combo.

Also Ada and I visit the Indianapolis Museum a lot. Just walking outside in the garden give us enough to see. I like to take photo of the flowers and plants. Then, occasionally, I will pick up pen and paper and make a sketch from the Photo. If I can sit still long enough, I would like to make a larger drawing. It is a small note card, for now.