Thursday, September 08, 2011


I like working with wire. In college, I made pins that bare people name, in cursive, using a toughest wire to bend. The kind that dentist used to make braces for people with crooked teeth in the old day.

I stumbled upon a artist who used steel wire to make her jewelry. I like the way it look, so I gave it a try. These wires are tough but forgiving at the same time. Much easier to work with, but my fingers are stronger from working with clay. Not as soft as Artistic wire and the price is just right. You can get them from ACE Hardware Store. I used it to make my rings and ring blanks too.

So I decided to coil it up, made the links, loops and jump rings. My finger tips hurt for a few days, but I really like the result. I decided to dangle small, little beads on it.

I went back to get more wire and found a smaller gauge. Perfect. One of the ring I made last year, I lace the thinner wire through the bigger wire. I like the look and always want to explore more with this form.

I played with the wire and came up with this idea of making a frame and fill it up with clay. Not a new idea, but it will be different look.

Here's one I fill up with a piece of Mokume gane.

Pretty, I like it.
What else I can do with it? Stay tune.