Monday, May 28, 2007

Skinner Blend Gane

If you've seen the "Extruded Gane" post on "Polymerclaynotes" a couple of days ago, you will see how our French claying neighbour, Dominique, came up with the idea of using the vibrant colors combination extruded clay in her new technique. I felt something crawling underneath my skin. I have got to try that, but I don't have a clay gun. :(
So, I got this idea of using the skinner blend jellyroll canes that I have and used them with the technique. The result is interesting but not as exciting as Dominique's pieces.
So far I only have these monochrome color canes. With different color combinations, I should get different results. Stay tune.
P.S. My Birthday is coming up, clay gun will be on my wish list. ;-)
Fun Fact & Tips: I posted the tutorial of my Skinner blend at my other blog. Check it out. (

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lava Beads

This is nothing new but I have not try it before. They are easy and fun to make.
The How-to can be seen at my tutorial blog.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Eyeglass Man

This little guy is made from an eyeglass frame. It was bent and smashed together. I was about to threw it away, then I started to see the body, the arms, feet and hands.
Last week at Claypen Chat, we had to submit something we made and the theme was Whimsical. Being a last minute person, I scrambled to finish this little guy just in time. Now the question is what should I do with him? Any suggestiion? A pin, may be.
Fun Fact & Tip We don't wear shoes in the house. If you visit a Thai friend, take off your shoes once you get inside.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


My son asked me what inspired me to make these rings, on the other hand, he meant what's processed me to make these rings. I made 12 of those today. First of all, my friend gave me those flat pieces of bone, so I put it in the ring and mounted my bead on it. Then I look around and found those donut resin pieces that I bought from Bead&Buttons last year. I thought I should used them up before I go and buy some more. Then, I saw those copper pieces that I bought from last summer CHA, so I have to used them up too. Those wooden pieces from Australia, I got them 2 years ago. May be I should write an article about this. On top of that, it's Susan Rose from Polymerclaynotes who always encourage me to make more rings, rings, rings. Thanks Susan.
I have a lot of fun making those rings. Something I will wear myself, not necessary the one that will sell. But you never know. Wish me luck for this weekend.
Fun Fact & Tips: The copper flower that I put on the ring, I bought it from scrapbook section at CHA. I also use super glue to glue the pieces together.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Turquoise Necklace

This big, beautiful turquoise pendant had caught my eyes and I just got to have it and make something special with it. I made this for my favorite customer who had been regular at my booth for years. I hope she came by next Saturday.

I used the Fimo Peppermint and a bit of gold to make those beads. Twisted and turn, cut into pieces and put them back together to mimic the pattern on the pendant. They turned out darker after baking. Not bad, but next time I will add a bit of white into the clay, I think. Real Turquiose piece with Pepermint color clay beads, Red Coral, small (real) turquoise, and small beads made with Indian Red clay, small golden beads, I am pretty happy with the outcome.

Want to see more of the jewelry I made, click on "My web album" on the right hand side.

FUN FACT & TIPS This Sunday, May 13, is Mother's Day. In Thailnd, Mother's Day is on August, 12th. It is also the Queen's Birth Day.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Indiana Bead Society Workshop

I had a privilege to teach a class at IBS Spring Workshop today. I had 9 students in my class. The most I ever had so far, so I was pretty nervous. I tried to condition the clay and leach the clay before hand, but it was so warm in the room, the clay was smoochy. Most of them had never use clay before. That's why I conditioned and mixed the clay for them, so we can get right to the technique. I only had 4 pasta machines to use anyway. I taught my Mokume Express technique because it was easy, almost no mistake and the result is stunning. There were a lot of Uh and Ah because everyone got different result according to the colors they had picked. We all had a good time and made enough beads for a necklace or two. One lady was wearing a bracelet she made with my beads. She was so excited to learn that I made those beads, and I love to see what people made with my beads.
I had to pad myself in the back, I did good and pretty happy with myself today. I had decided to seek more opportunities to teach, so more and more people can have fun with clay. I think I just added 9 more clay addicted to the PC world. :)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Texture Plates How-to

I posted the tutorial of how I make my texture plates today. You can read it at
I also posted how I measured the amount of clay to use with the Bead Roller.
Just for your information, I am so addicted to the CD film technique that I cannot stop making them. So, Scott, my dear, you are the one to blame. I put more picture on my web album, if you want to see more. :)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Organic Necklace

This necklace is very earthy looking. The ceramic donut came from Greece, Red Jasper from India, wooden piece from Australia, glass beads from Czech, and, Polymer Clay beads from Silastones. :) LOL
I am full of myself lately, but I have 3 shows line up for next month, so I need to get busy, busy, busy.
Fun Facts; As many of you'd already known that I am a President of Indiana Bead Society, this Saturday, we have a Spring workshop, and I will be teaching Polymer Clay class. It's kinda funny, isn't it? My class is full!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

CD Foil Technique on Polymer clay

My friend, the Great Scott has given me the idea of using foil on the cover of a CD with Polymer clay. The results are these beautiful pieces, and tons of light bulb ideas that pop up in my head.
P.S. I'll ask Scott if I can write the tut. for this one. You can ask him too.
Fun Facts: Thailand has a custom where when there is a marriage the couple moves into one of the families houses. Saves mortgage, and when you have kids, you have a live in baby sitter. Too bad I did not take advantage of that free service because I have all 3 kids here, although grandma and granpa did come to live with us for a couple of years.
Click on MY WEB ALBUM to see more picture of my pieces created with this technique.