Tuesday, August 02, 2011


People often asked me where do I get my idea from, especially when they looked through my ring trays, and found out that I had made 365 rings last year, and finished the "Ring a Day" project. The ideas are all around me, some are in my head, some are things I've seen on "Bing". Some ideas came when I look at the magazine, got WOW from other artists' works. My head is full of ideas. I can used one everyday as long as I can think, and if I don't use it, my head will explode.
Last week my son came back from college, so I went to see Harry Potter with him. He didn't let me buy a big bucket of popcorn with extra butter and extra large drink, but that's ok, I still love him. While watching the movie, I had this crazy thought of how each wizard carry their wands. Since the young wizard now wearing tight clothing, not long and oversize robe like the older one. Hum, how can you keep the long, sharp, deadly object in your pocket? Harry even pulled one out while he was sitting on the bed.
Ok, I admit, I am a little bit crazy sometime, but it gave me the idea of how I should make these " Magic Wand" bracelets that wrap around the wrist and ready to be used as needed.

Design is the problem solving, and I think I have solved the problem well this time. Have fun with your crazy idea, don't be shy.