Saturday, May 12, 2007


My son asked me what inspired me to make these rings, on the other hand, he meant what's processed me to make these rings. I made 12 of those today. First of all, my friend gave me those flat pieces of bone, so I put it in the ring and mounted my bead on it. Then I look around and found those donut resin pieces that I bought from Bead&Buttons last year. I thought I should used them up before I go and buy some more. Then, I saw those copper pieces that I bought from last summer CHA, so I have to used them up too. Those wooden pieces from Australia, I got them 2 years ago. May be I should write an article about this. On top of that, it's Susan Rose from Polymerclaynotes who always encourage me to make more rings, rings, rings. Thanks Susan.
I have a lot of fun making those rings. Something I will wear myself, not necessary the one that will sell. But you never know. Wish me luck for this weekend.
Fun Fact & Tips: The copper flower that I put on the ring, I bought it from scrapbook section at CHA. I also use super glue to glue the pieces together.

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Scott said...

You know your rings are my favorite, I realy do love them all!