Saturday, December 12, 2009

Benefit Ada

Ebay auction - benefit Ada starts today. We received more than 80 items donated from Polymer clay artists around the world. Kathy Stuart had finally put some of them on Ebay today. Thanks Kathy. There will be more to come but check out and put "benefit Ada" in a find box.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Red & Black w/ a touch of Gold and Silver

Thursday nite while I was sitting at my desk wondering what should I make. I had a showed on Saturday and had already put price tags on everything and packed them up ready to go. I went on Face Book, my favorite place to go to talk to my friends, a piece of metal caught my eyes. I used it before and got a good result. may be I should do something. So between typing and chatting, I made these Red & Black beads with a touch of gold mixing with silver. next ting I know, I made enough for a necklace, so I baked them, then strung them and it looks so good. I like it, I like it, so much. I wore it to the show.
I guess there will be more to come, Black with different color because I intend to keep chatting on Face book. I can chart my friends in Thailand, I chat with my nephew and my son who doesn't pick up his phone when I call, and my clay friends who live all over the world. A place where I can complain about my life and someone listen. A place where I can share my happiness and joy, and someone is happy with me. At the show last Saturday, the girls from Indy guild came by to help at my booth. Something about Polymer Clay that make people happy, care and be kind to others.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Red, White and Green

Start out this Holiday season with these tiny snowmen. They are about 1" tall and as cute as they could be. Perfect size for earrings.

Next, I covered the lid of baby jar food with clay and made snow and holiday theme with them.

Next are the Star Holiday Ornaments. With a Festive hat and a few Rhinestones, this turn out to be really cute and fun project.
I also put the white and blue hats on the ornament to cerebrate our Indianapolis Colts Football team. With their 11-0 win, I hope they can GO-ALL-THE-WAY to Superbowl.
The tutorial for these projects can be found at my other blog HERE.
I also will have my only show this Saturday. The Eitlejorg Museum is having a Holiday Market and they are kind enough to keep me on the list. Our local guild will join me there to promote our group. We will launch our first e-bay action on the gifts that have been donated by the Polymer clay artists all over the world. The benefit will go to Ada's fund to make sure that she can have as much Cheerio as she wants.