Friday, April 27, 2007

Cane Ends

Tips: These little beads were made of either cane ends or the end of the cane. I usually don't make a lot of cane, but do some jelly roll here and there. What I did was, I rolled it in a small log, cut it in half, length wise, laid both side curve side down and flatten it. Then I put them back together, back side to back side, smooth the seam, rolled it back in to a log, then cut in pieces and roll them into beads. This will work for the unwanted (or my case; an ugly) cane too. Don't be afraid to slide it open. You will be surprised to see what is inside the cane.
Fun Fact: In US, when you meet someone, you greet him or her by saying; "How are You?". In Thailand, we also ask the same question and follow by asking if the person had already ate, or feel hungry. We then go out to eat or invited the person to stay for dinner. It is polite to say yes. So, come visit me and stay for dinner anytime. :)

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red.daisy said...

Thanks for this great tip. I really had to clean up my work table and saw your post which really inspired me to clean and work at the same time! ;-)