Thursday, April 29, 2010

New beads

Some new beads today, square shape, kinna pillow style. The colors came out very nice and they are pretty easy to make. Just twist and twist and twist. I will send them out with my friends who sells beads at bead show in Atlanta to see if they would sell. Then off to Bead & Button in June. I also stopped by Bead Angle bead store to see if Connie wants to sell some of my beads again. She thought I should charge more for my beautiful beads.

These are a few ankle bracelets I made using my new beads and some of the seed beads I bought. They are so colorful and happy :).
It is going to be a busy summer. I applied for a few shows, big and small so better get busy.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Springtime Bracelets

Here are 2 of the new bangle bracelets for my Spring Collection. Made with a few of flower canes that I made. I like the bright and cheerily color and also they are bulky yet light weight. I did not sand it down. I think leaving all the cane slides exposed has given the bracelet the feel of real handmade.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Polymer Artist Showcase

I've been published. 4 of my works were included in Tejae Floyde - Polymer Artists Showcase. I am so excited and very pleased. Here is the link to the book.
I will order one soon. Thanks Tejae.
I also re-make the Black, white &Brown beads. My friend, Lisa, wants them. I made these beads before and they sold quite well. I am going to send my beads to Bead&Button Show this year. My friend has a booth and she sells my beads for me. Usually, I made enough money so I can shop for some pretty beads that I want. I need to make about 4-5 tray of beads.
I also make these little square beads which I use then to make bracelet and ankle bracelet. These beads are flat so they don't press against the wrist or ankle. You can view the tutorial HERE.
So, if everything is going according to my plan, I will be able to go to Bead&Button for a couple of days. It is my favorite place to visit in June. Oh, did I mention that I will also display my necklace, ring and bracelet at "Natural Touch Beads" booth. I have been incorporate the resin beads with Polymer.
I still making rings and still have fun with it. Also apply for 2 art shows in September. Last year, I asked Katherine, Ada's friend, to help me with the show and I was complaining that this was so much trouble, I wasn't sure it worth doing. Katherine reminded me that Ada would have love for me to go out and do shows, and she was right. Keep fingers cross, I hope they let me in.