Friday, February 29, 2008

Out of comfort zone

I took the "Creative Spark" seminar with Dayle Doroshow at Synergy. One of the exercises we did was that each of us had to pick up 4-5 paint chips with color of our choice from the table. Then we had to pass them on to the person that sit next to us. "Do something with those colors" she said. Trying to lead us out of our comfort zone. Go home and do something with it.
My neighbor handed me her choice of color. These are not my color palate. I started to get panic. I have to come up with something quick before I throw those paint chips into my bag and pretend that I've never seen them before. I made a quick sketch and told my neighbor to write down her name and email address. I'll do something with it, I promise her.

It was 1:30 am when I stumbled upon those paint chips. Just do it now, I told myself. Frantically looking for the right color clay. Darn it, this is not my color. Finally, I started mixing the color, as close as possible to the paint chip. How can I put those colors together? Add some pearl into each color. Technique? Skinner blend, of course, works like a charm.

It was 3:00 am when I finished this pendant. It's not my color palate, it's not symmetrical, it is not quite "me" but I like it.
I'll mail this out to Bonnie Platner, my neighbor. Hope she like it too.
Next, I will attempt "Dan Cormier's Blend". It should be fun.
Good night for now.
P.S. This experience can cause painful headache, nauseous, or a panic attack. Please proceed with caution. Take some Advil and a deep breath. Come on , be brave.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sunday morning in Baltimore

I got up early on Sunday, packed up and headed out the door with my camera. Grant had mentioned about more beautiful buildings up the street, so I went. A short walk turned into a three hour tour.

Travelling alone is not as bad as I thought. I did a lot of thinking and analysing of myself. I really like looking at the building, the structure, the details and the design. I took many pictures of buildings, cityscape, landscape, garden and flowers. What is so special about those buildings you might ask? The design, the process of how you can turn the idea that you have in your head on to the paper, then turn the 2 dimension drawing into the 3 dimension object. Artists with the background in design can see thing differently. We think in 3D. I usually have the whole design of the necklace in my head when I start unwrap the clay package.

So, to all my blog fans, please come along as I attempt to put "The Architectural side of me" and "The Polymer Clay side of me" together and become "One".
For more pictures of the City of Baltiome, you can see them here.

Monday, February 25, 2008

At the Banquet

I can't remember what I had for the main course, chicken may be. But I do remember the dessert.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Good night from Synergy

Last day, an emotional day, I don't want it to end. So much to see, so much to learn, so many people I want to talk too.
This morning I was escorted to the convention hall by the nice young man whose last name is longer than mine. I was admiring the Architectural details of the old buildings in downtown Baltimore, Grant was on his way so we walked together. I took some more pictures of those building and will do more tomorrow before going to the airport. I went downstair to ACC show to help my friend, Wiwat at his booth. Stopping at Ford&Forlano (again), many new pieces were on display today and they are different from what we had seen before in their works. More colors, bright color, more details, small pieces piece together. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches that shows great design, high level of craftsmanship that took 20 some years to develop. While I was down there, someone asked to buy the flower ring that I wore. I looked around and sold it. People are spending money on arts and crafts, lots of money which is good news.
All the seminars at synergy were aimed to teach you how to think, how to design, how to develop your own style, to help you get your work to the next level. I am ready to go home, get on my pasta machine, and find new possibilities, new things that I can make with clay.
I also sold 3 necklaces at the gallery, thank you very much. I also gathered enough courage to talk to Jeff Dever and tell him how much his works had inspired me since the first day that I saw his work in the magazine.
This Polymer clay community are full of generous people. Everyone is so nice to me. Donna Kato gave me a hug and showered me with lots of kind words. She told me to keep doing what I am doing. I hope I can keep it up.
I will miss walking back to the hotel with Maureen Carlson and other girls. It was a nice walk. The one I will remember as well as all the experiences I have at Synergy. I will definitely do it again next year. You should come too.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Hello from Synergy
Marian and Thezeda thought I should look more presentable at the conference. They dragged me to the mall to get my eye brown arched (and it hurt really bad), get my nail done and tried on some make up. I went home to dye my hair. It took so much effort to make me look dolled up. Scott reminded me to take business card, my medicine and toothbrush. I tried not to forget anything. It is strange to travel alone, I haven’t done that often.
Ada came home, finally. We talked, she cried, not certain of what to do next. She likes it there in Paris. Very cultural, she said, and people are nice. She cooked Thai food for the family and they love it. I don’t know she can cook.
I finally get to Baltimore in the afternoon, stepping out of the Hotel, and there she was, Mrs. Carol Duvall herself along side with Donna Kato. I wait quietly until Donna turned around and say “Hi Ponsawan”. Wait a minute, she actually knows my name. “I love your work” she said. Ah, excuse me! I just smiled, mumbled thank you. Can't say anything else, I lost my jaw, dropped it on the side walk.
And it had been like that the whole day, many people told me they read my blog and love it. I saw some familiar faces like Grant Diffendaffer, Marla Frankenberg, Judy Belcher, Kim Cavender, Maureen Carlson, Christi Friesen, Kelly Russell, Keila Hernandez. Some long distance friends; Bettina and Iris Mishly. Some famous bloggers; Cynthia Tinapple, Susan Lomuto. My blog’s fans; Jana Roberts Benzon, Seth Savarick and many others who had told me “I love your blog”. Now this is quite overwhelming to me. I better stop blogging until I figure it out what is going on. LOL NOT! I took a seminar with Dan Comier, it was about the new way to make the blend. It got me so excited. Can’t wait to get home and try it. This is good stuff.
The gallery was the highlight of the day. Finally I get to see all the works that had given me all the inspiration and courage to design, to create, to make beautiful things. I saw the works of Jeff Dever, Kathleen Dustin, Elise Winters, Louise Fischer Cozzi, just to name a few.
My roommate from Canada (Cynthia Blanton) thought I was quite a celebrity today. LOL
I am happy to be here among all other fine artists. The first time in 26 years living in this country, I felt that I belong. This is my world, and I am here to stay.
Second day was even better. I hung out at Christi Friesen's table, she handed me some clay to play with. You got to clay everyday, she said. Many new products from many vendors. I bought some faux bone started playing with it right away. Mike and I introduced our self to Staedlter. We both won the Hope-on-a-rope contest last week at CHA. My friend, Wiwat had a booth at ACC show down stair, so I went to see him. Stopping at Kathleen Dustin's booth gave me goose bump. Her new line of Pot purse is so incredible. It gave me hope that, next 20 years, my works can look like her, if I try harder. I had complete my list of what to see when I went to Ford&Forlano booth. Don't make me describe it, i can't. It is my ultimate dream come through to see their works in person. You got to see their works with your own eyes. What can I say? I must have a big crush on those guys who working with Polymer clay. I worship their works. All the edgy design and imagination that we, women can't express.
Tomorrow, I will go down to see Ford&Forlano's works again and again. He might have to shuffle me off his booth. What can I say? I lost my jaw, drop it so many times, many places.
Good night and will report back to you tomorrow.
P.S. For more interesting notes about the seminar, please fast forward to my Synergy roommate; Cynthia Blanton @

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Here is the picture of the Hope-on-the-rope necklace that got me into the winner circuit. I won the Best use of Fimo category. It is a fun necklace. I connected 2 little bottles together to resemble the hour glass, then fill it with tiny little hearts. If you flip it over, the little hearts will fall through to the bottle below. It is designed with kid in mind, just like a toy that a child can play with while getting a treatment or waiting for the doctor to come in. The name of the necklace is Time & Love will heal. It is a perfect theme for Valentines' Day, Isn't it.
You can view the top 25 winner's necklace at
Congratulation to all the winners. We did good, didn't we? And all for the good course.
Happy Valentines' Day everyone. May peace and love be with you at all time.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Synergy, here I come

I just sign up for Synergy, the conference in Baltimore. First, I'm not sure if I should attend, but when my Green necklace was featured on Polymer Clay Daily, I felt like Cynthia Tinapple was calling me. I should go. This is a chance to put myself out there with other polymer clay artists whome I had been admired for years. A chance to display my works in the same room, same table with "those famous names". I consider myself a beginner compare to those famous names, so this is also a chance to learn, to explore and find out how far I can stretch my creativity, my imagination, and my ideas.
So, go to my Etsy store and buy something, so I don't have to live on cheese and cracker while I'm there. Thanks for you support. :)
Thank you. I would like to sincerely thank the Synergy staff who had worked hard to make everything ready for next week. I like the fact that all my e-mails and requests have been taking care of on the same day. Did you guys ever sleep? :) I think I will give everyone a big hug when I get there.

Ada in Paris

My daughter is in Paris. She went to visit her boyfriend who came over to visit her last August. I told her that if he ever gets himself all the way here across the Atlantic ocean, maybe he really loves her. Remember when we were young and stupid and in love. LOL. I let her go, follow her heart, so at the end of this romantic story, there won't be any "what if" or "I should have". She is happy and David is very nice to her, I like him a lot. She will be back, I think, I hope. I miss her a lot.