Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Where have all the leaves gone?

This is the right side of my front yard. Lots of trees as you can see. They keep the house cool in the summer, but lots of leaves to rake around this time of year. So we just pile up the leaves in the back yard and forget about raking it. There are more trees in the backyard and still some on the trees, so there will be a couple more raking before it's all clean up.

I like to rake leaves and look for the perfect leaves on the ground. I like the crispy and crunchy sound when I step on them. The smell of dried leaf reminds me of the time when I was young. During summer, my dad will take me and my brother to the tobacco plantations around northern part of Thailand. He worked with the Tobacco Company. My kids used to do front flip on to the pile of leaf. Each year, we have more and more leaves, and the tress are getting taller and taller. We barely have a sunny spot on the yard, so not much grass to mow in summer.

And we have 3 doggies who roam the yard. There is a patch of sunny spot near Ada's room. May be we can fence that area away from the dog and we can have a garden for Ada, I wish.
I also make White&Blue beads for the bracelets. The Indianapolis Colts has won all of their games so far, may be, may be, some Colts' fan want to buy a cute bracelet.

My last Dahlia is still blooming. It is small and does not have a perfect form but Scott is jealous. Last month the temp. in Chicago area had dropped down below 32, so Scott lost all of his Dahlia. He was sad.
More time to clay for Scott. can't wait to see what he will WOW us with.