Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer time fun

Last summer, a friend of mine posted this picture on her blog. It was a watermelon from her garden. She said I wish I could wear it as bracelet. So I made her a watermelon bracelet.
Here's the picture of her wearing it. She was so excited.
It was the end of summer so I though I'll start making them early next year.

It made with skinner blend sheets. One is with red and white and one with green and white. The out side made with 3 layers of different hue of green, poking with tools then shave off the thin slides here and there to reveal the pattern below. You get it, right?

Since I am still working on the "Ring a day" project. Why not a watermelon ring? This is my ring#151. I think they are cute and fun to make as well.
I am trying to make 2 rings a day and put them on my ETSY store. At bead&Button, many people had asked to buy my rings, but I just want to keep them all till I finish the project. Then may be I can auction off the whole collection. What do you think?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bead&Button Show 2010

Thelzeda and I had decided that we will try to go to bead&Button together this year. We used to go with another friend, Lona, who passed away in 2008 the same time as Ada was in the hospital and a month late, Thelzeda lost her husband. This should be good for us to get on with our lives and do what we like to do.
As usual, we got to Milwaukee around 4 o'clock. I made a tour, look around first, mark the booth for revisit, said hello to friends and vendors that I know, dropped of my jewelry for display then shop. Not long before I used up all my money trading for a handful of beads.
I took some pictures of the "Bead Dream" contest. Lynn Ann wone first place in Polymer clay category. You can see more HERE
The next morning, I volunteer to demo at International Polymer Clay Association (IPCA) booth. Perfect location at the top of the stair, I laid out my things and did a quick demo. Many had stopped by, it was fun. After walking around a little more, I bought some wire and settled down at Julie Picarello's booth to make some rings for the Ring a day project. After checking in with Christie Friesen with her new Steampunkery book and ate some of her Chocolate, I proceeded to check out Beadroom booth to see if someone had bought my beads. A lady bough all of my Black&White beads and she wanted more. She is an artist from new York and that's a good new, I need to contact her right away.
Back at the hotel, Thelzeda and I did show and tell and tell each other what kind of ideas we have to use what we just bought. Thelazeda will shop from the minute they open till minute they close. The next day we will round up to get thing we want (but not necessary all we need) before we head home.
Saturday morning, I decided that I had enough of the show so I walked to The Art Museum. I met beautiful, Miss Lisa P. who asked me to consider joining her on the cruise. With tears in my eyes, I felt very honor and gave her a hug. May be, in a couple of years. Leaving Ada for 3 days is hard enough.
I walked pass Thomas Mann's booth, he was not busy. I asked him if he can show me how to use jewelry saw. He can't believe I've never use it before, but it is best to learn from the pro, right? I manage to cut a small circle out of a wooden piece. He was delighted. He shows me his video, kits and asked, "What can I sell you?" I said "Nothing, I only have enough money for gas to go home, but will order on-line later", then say thank you and good bye. I don't think he was happy with me.
At the Museum, I found a room full of Gloria O'keeffe' painting. What a find for me. Woo-Hoo, you know how I love her works. So inspiring I just want to come home and start painting. It was nice to see the city and be by myself.

You can see the picture of the Museum and city tour HERE.

We left Wisconsin with the hope to come back next year. Saturday's crowd was so thin, it felt like Sunday. All the vendors looked worry. I hope they made good enough sale to keep the show going. I notice that people didn't just buy beads but also interested in making their own materials and beads.
It was nice to see friends, to make new friends and learn something new. Hope we can all go next year. If you could, please bring a supply of good chocolate to share, we had to share the last piece of Christie's Truffle at the end of the day when we were tried and hungry. The trip was good, not much traffic jam in Chicago area, we didn't get lost or took a wrong turn as always.
See you all next year.