Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pen and Paper

The last time I had to take Ada to visit the doctor , I grabbed a sketchbook and some pens with me. I started drawing a flower and kept on going. Pretty soon, I filled up the page. I used to bring beads to string, but one time I spilled all my beads on the floor. Not good.

These are flowers, not any thing in particular, but I like flower.

I felt peaceful and calm, almost like meditation. By keeping my hand busy, I stopped thinking or worrying. I have a few more pages and my friends suggested that I make a stamp sheet out of it. What do you think?
Premium recycled drawing paper, Micron01 pen by Sakura; blue. Faber-Castell - Pitt artist pen; Sepia.

My favorite necklace

I bough the orange Lucite beads from Natural Beads a couple years ago at bead&Button Show in Milwaukee. I went a few times with my friends and made friends with so many vendors that they will give me special discount. It is one thing I really missed.
Not sure what to do with the beads, I liked them and bought them any way.
Last week I went to the local Art shows with friends. My son told me to wear this necklace so I did. A few compliments and someone even asked whether I bought it from the show.
I usually don't hang on to what I made but I really like this one.
Mokume Gane technique, Fimo clay; orange gold, brown, caramel and a sheet of foil in between.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This is one of the two necklaces I have. In January I mailed all of my jewelry to Thailand so my friends would auction them off at Class Reunion. It was a hit. Everything went home with someone. It made me feel good that my friends, who were very picky, and most of my classmates still working as Architects, actually like them.
This necklace did not travel to the other side of the world. Call me picky, but I don't like the way it look. So today I decided to re-strung this necklace. By replacing the red cord with the brown cord, The necklace looks lighter and much better.
I haven't make any necklace for a while. I need more time to sit down at the table and gather all the toughs., to preciously execute the technique to achieve the result that I want. These days I just make tiny, little beads for the bracelets and ankle bracelets.
I am not sure anyone still read my blog. I will blog more often and show you what I made. Nothing totally new, but I still clay. Oh I did some drawing too. Will tell you later.

Mokum Gane technique, Fimo clay and Premo clay. Patterns were made with a piece of Medical divice.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Steampunk Chameleon

Here is the Steampunk Chameleon I made during Christie F. workshop. I thought I could spend more time with her, but Ada was sick and had to go to the hospital. It was so nice to meet and said hello to on-line friends who took times to come.
Many had sent items or items for the auction. Kathy and Le Anne were so overwhelmed with the generosity . We had received about 80 items. It turns out to be a big task, so please be patient while we figure out what to do. We will put it on e-bay.
I still playing with clay when I have a chance. Just making simple beads and make some bracelets. It is hard to do big project since I barely have time to sit at my table.

I also make these dangling things. It can be used to decorate the cell phone or hanging on the purse. It is the good way to use odds and ends. Rachael, Ada's friend, who comes to see Ada every Thursday is getting married. I make those for her as wedding favor. I think I need to make about 200. No fear. As for my own wedding favors, I hand-painted 1000 key chains by myself. Oh yes, we had that many guests at the wedding. It was an all day long event, started from 7.00 am through midnight.

Another good new is that I will have a chance to go to the retreat in July. An angle had grant my wish. Thinking about claying all day make me feel guilty, but I do need to leave the house and do my thing.
I am so touch with the kindness and generosity of Polymer Clay community. One group in particular is the "Claypen" at Polymer Clay Central chat room. Every Thursday at 11.30 am., claypens from around the world will come together and share what we make, ask questions, answer questions, and talk about everything. Here is the photo album of what we made and share every week. Stop by if you have time. Log in through Polymer Clay Central. Those girls rock.

A slide show from CF workshop.