Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lesson learn

Every year, in Spring, when the weather gets warmer, I like to take Ada to the Indianapolis Museum of Arts ground. We just go for a walk and be outside, in the garden. I usually take pictures of the flower while Ada waits impatiently. My dear friend, Scott, also send me pictures of flower in his garden. This year, via Facebook, a friend who lives in D.C., Orn, always posts pictures from her garden too. I am obcessed with flowers, may be, they are all the inspiration in my new works, my new design this year; Cluster Pendants.
Now that I have my workroom set up where most of my stuffs are all in one place, I am able to put together such pendants shown with different materials. Those little Lucite flowers help soften the look of wire, don't they?
Working with wire is like learning to play guitar, in a way, my finger tips are sored and bruised. I try to use pliers as much as I can, which is a good practice anyway, but still, I am working with Steel wire here.
As I laced the smaller gauge wire through the frame, with the classical music playing on the radio, I realized that I am in the Zone, where time stood still, I had no worried, my mind was calm. The pieces all came together like magic. What if I can do this with Ada, I mean, what if I can be this calm while working and taking care of Ada. Here, I am so patiently transform the Steel wire into something intricate, something different, may be I can bend her mind with the power that I have in myself, my hand, my heart and my love.
Today, I sing to Ada, give her a big smile, give her kisses, make her laugh, stroke her hair while I tuck her in bed and tell her how much I love her. Patiently :)

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Dandelions and all those weeds.

We are fortunate to live in the neighborhood where, most of our neighbor, has dandelions in their yards. Except the 2 house on the other side of the street. It took a lot of chemical and effort to get rid of those pretty, yellow flowers. Dandelions make me smile every time I look at them. They remind me of the time when my kids were small. They would gathered as many stems of white puffy balls in their little hands, blew the big huff and puff and let the wind carry the white things as far as they can go.

I asked Matt Kernan to make Dandelion cane for me. He said, 'Wait a minute, you want me to make weeds?". Oh yes, Matt, I've been wanting the dandelion cane and I am sure he is the one who can make it for me.

Good thing Dandelions are everywhere. Matt said, "That's all I've been doing while walking the pup is looking at these darn Dandelions". He sent over the most beautiful Dandelion cane.

I made the round frame from steel wire, filled it with Ultralight clay, then slide the canes into thin pieces. I stacked up the cane slides, gave it some details. I sat in front of the oven waiting for it to cure. I open the oven door and smile.

Here is my first, my own Dandelion flowers. One that will never fade away. Pretty isn't it?

Here is the white puffy ball I made with Pardo trans clay. First I thought I will ask my Glass bead maker to make a white ball for me. That would be pretty too but this one is good enough and it won't be blown away in the wind either.

Here is the whole pendant. I made a leaf with wire and add others weed flowers as well.

I am very happy with it.

Dandelions is colorful, beautiful, abandon, persistent, resolute, determination, persevere, stubbornness, etc. It reminds me of a definition for 'Woman" and a song by Helen Reddy;

I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Cluster pendants

Simple idea; making circle and dangle things from it. These pendant were made with steel wire, polymer clay, glass beads, stones and Chinese coil, AKA things on my table. I had this idea that if I ever do show again, I will have all the components in different size and material, and customer can pick and choose and customize their very own pendants. So far I sold all of them and can't make it fast enough. I probably won't apply for any show this year either.

The Dandelion cane is here and I am very pleased. Will keep you waiting for one more day. Please come back.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Pendants and necklaces

While we are waiting for the special cane to arrive, let me show you pendants and necklaces I made using Matt Kernan's canes.

I used steel wire to make the outside frame first, built the dome and created a pattern sheet using cane slides. They look subtle and have oriental feel which I really like. I even wear them myself.