Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pinless Scarf Pins

On the day that I finished my last scarf pin, I burnt my right hand, my stove, the hood, part of the cabinet and almost burnt down the kitchen. But I finished all the pins I want to make, so here they are.

The first set are pins that covered with the sheet of slide canes that I made.

These two were made with the same cane but different arrangement. They look totally different. Amazing!

Now these pins are much more fun because they were made with scrap clay. I was not happy at first when everyone seems to like these pins more than the first set. Well, I spent so much time making canes, slide them carefully and line them up perfectly, but with the scrap clay, I just kinna throw them together. Not fair.

Well, I did enjoy making those pins and people seem to like the idea of this "pinless scarf pin".
I added the curly-q from the thin strip of Skinner Blend sheet as my signature on the pin. For you; Susan Lomuto.
Oh, I do have another thing on my list to do for 2008; I want to make big, wall piece. I actually start working on it, so, hopefully, I will get it done by 2009.
I won't be able to clay for a while. I hope I sold all the scarf pins. All of the necklace and bracelets will be sent to Thailand for the auction at the class reunion. We will get a new kitchen and I hope next year, things will be better for us.

Monday, December 01, 2008

2008 New Year's Resolution List

It is almost 2009 and I finally have a chance to look back at the list of things I want to do in 2008. It was the same list I had for 2007. First, I promise to learn to make canes. Not that I don't know how, there are so many tutorials out there and lots of advice from the experts who always laugh at me because I don't make canes. Second, I want to make Scarf pin. Third, I want to get into more art shows.
Last month I saw a tutorial on-line. It is different. Not a flowers cane but more like geometric design. I gave it a try, with a twist, I came up with these cool designs the I am excited about. I am not going to take any credits for it. I'm sure someone out there had done this before, but, the point is; I am making canes.
And here they are.

I cut them up into thin pieces and put them together.

Now the scarf pins. I have been thinking about the design for a while. The object is to make a pin with no-pin, but will hold the scarf together, light weight and look like a piece of artwork. And here they are.

The flowers on the pin are from canes that I bought from Keila Hernandez. The white flowers are mine. Not bad, ha.

About the shows, oh well, I'm sure you all know what had happened to my daughter, but I do have one show coming up this Saturday at Eitlejorg Museum.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciated the love and supports that I got from the Polymer Clay community. Instead of turning out the light and cry myself to sleep, I pick up the clay and play with them, make something . I also go on-line, check out other artist's works which always gave me an itch, to Clay.