Friday, April 06, 2007

Show &Tell

Beads on the top were made with scrap clay from the workshop. I told Grant, I'll make beads from his scrap and sell them on ebay. LOL
The bottom left are PS Beads with GD's Technique. With red, white and black color, they look more like my beads and I like to leave the texture there.
The bottom right are buttons I made for next week fiber show.
I think I will set aside the Metallic clay for a while. It's just not my thing.
Fun Facts & Tips: Dh suggests that I add tip of the day on my blog. So today's tip is how to say my name; Ponsawan - Pon-sa-wan, which means talent or gifted. So you can tell people who have talent, that they have Ponsawan in them.

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Nadja said...

Hi Ponsawan
Do you know the latin saying "nomen est omen"? That name definitly suits you! I love your ideas and get lots of inspiration from your blog!