Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sherbet Beads

You must know by now how I love to make swirly beads. These ones are more subtle than the ones I've made before. I used to put the colored clay on black, but I ran out of black today, so I added white on the blue and played with it. DH even likes them. They look fun and yummy. I am pretty happy with the yellow ones because I got a request for the mustard colored beads and those are really close to it. It has a bit of gold in there. I like the green the most, what's your favorite?
Fun Facts & Tips: The King of Thailand, King Phumipol was born in Boston, Massachusetts. His father was attending the Medical school at the time. So, we can say, he is American. :)
P.S. My friend at PCC gave a new name for these beads. Thank you, guys. For your information, I used Fimo soft. Just add a ribbon of white clay to it. I like to add a bit of silver in the blue, some gold to yellow and copper to the red.

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