Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ear rings on the Fruit Stand

I feel a bit Fruity (LOL) lately, must be the weather. I have a couple of shows line up for next month; Zionsville Country Market in Zionsville and Butchertown Art Fair in Louisville. I still have customers who like my jewelry and I still enjoy making them. Now that I make my own beads, I don't have to wait for the latest trend. I just set my own. I also like to add some pretty little Chez beads on my design, especially the small flowers.
My daughter will be graduated from Indiana University this month. I don't know how we did it. She does not have any student loan. This month, she received $5000 scholarship from Goodwill and the rest from Grandpa. So, she is free to go, but she will be moving back home first. I am so happy.
Fan Fact & Tips: Shop Goodwill! Good cost and good cloth. Another way to recycle the goods so they won't get dump into a land fill.


artandtea said...

I love the colors of your earrings! Congratulations to your daughter on her graduation from college. My daughter graduated last year and I was so proud of her. I know the joy you feel.

Charlene ("Cat") Therien said...

Great earrings, Ponsawan! The springy, fruity, fun colors really stand out and I'm sure you will do well at your shows with these.