Wednesday, April 04, 2007

sand & buff

I sanded my new beads yesterday and I am so happy with them. I am not normally sand and buff my beads, but seeing how gorgeous Grant's beads are, I've changed my mind.
During the workshop, I sat directly across from Grant as he did the demonstration, so I had all kinds of debris flying to my face. You name it; piece of clay, chunk of clay, ribbon of clay, water, dust, etc. Most of the time, I really enjoy the view, but I was chocked to see him using the drywall sandpaper, yes, you heard it right, drywall sand paper to sand his beads. WoW!
I did make a few bead after I came back. It is like trying to make a perfect Thanks Giving Dinner, a lot of preparation had to be done before you put that bird in the oven.
And that acorn beads, Grant was patiently holding my hands while I learned the technique, but, it's like trying to learn to drive the stick-shift, I just cannot learn it in 15 minutes. With the right tools and (much) more time, I think I will be able to use that technique to make my own beads. Right now, I'm happy with my acorn bead. Grant's beads look a lot better than this, mine look like a walnut. :0


Francie said...

Your beads turned out great! I haven't figured out the best way to sand my beads yet without a lathe. It was so nice to meet you.


Silastones said...

Hi, Francie. Nice to meet you too. You are too kind. It will take a couple more years before my beads look great. :)

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Ooo! I love carved beads! These are just fabulous!

Silastones said...

Thanks Cindy. If only I could carved. That's why my bead look like an acorn. :0

Anonymous said...

I don´t know what to say now - yesterday I wrote your beads are great, but today they are greater than great. I can´t nearly stand it till spring 2008 , till Grants book is ready.
But not only these beads, I love all your work!

Silastones said...

LOL, thanks Bettina. Grant's beads are to die for.

Anonymous said...

wow wow wow...those are soo sooo beautiful..I guess I can't wait for the book there a video we can rent do you know/? Thanx Cher

Silastones said...

Cher, I haven't seen his video, but I know he has one.

Anonymous said... are lucky gal to have gone to one of his classes...I do have his ghost image dvd...but I would love to know if he has one for the carved looked beads like you made..they are sooo...soooo.....sooo you! xo Cher

p.s. saw yer picture...he he

Silastones said...

I think his book is coming out soon. Watching him worked on those beads was amazing.