Saturday, August 25, 2007

Booth Utopia

I had a show today. It was called Feast of the Lanterns. They lit the lanterns all over the park at night and the show run from noon to 11 . I set up my booth a bit differently this time. I put more bright color shirts on the mannequins and lined them up at the front. In the back I have a table with my tree and trays of beads and earrings and bracelets. It seems to work this time because more people walked into back of the booth to look at my beads but I only sell one necklace. I think because the location of this show was different from the last show, more male than female this time so the jewelry did not sell well. In the evening it was crazy at my booth because I put out the lanterns and and they had stopped the traffic. Everybody just wanted one. They also wanted to buy shirts and skirts on the displays. I did the greeting, the smile, the I made my own beads, the I give you discount if you buy two, the this is one of a kind things, you know all that and they seemed to work this time. Thanks for all the advices I got from many of my PC friends.
But you know me, I might change the set up next time. Just for fun. :)

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