Friday, August 17, 2007

My after-mid-night-love-affair

I haven't been sleeping well lately. There are so much going on in my life that I, not only spend my waking hour thinking about it, but also spend my sleeping hour the same way. So, what to do when you wake up in the middle of the night and cannot go back to sleep.

See, I am having an after midnight love affair. I toss and turn in my bed thinking about it. Who to blame but myself, and a gentleman who is very dear to me. He sent me the pictures of the pretty flowers from his garden. I am crazy about flower, I just love them. I look at the pictures all evening and still dream about them at night. So what the girl to do. I got my drawing paper and a couple of the pencils and start drawing those flowers. I email the picture to Scott and went back to sleep. The next day he send me more pictures.

Now, before I go to bed, I just grab the pencil and paper and draw a flower, email it to Scott, go to bed and sleep well knowing that I had made someone very happy. This is going to be a long term love affair (with the flowers, of course), Scott just send me 300 more pictures. Sweet dream, Ponsawan, and thank you Scott.


Scott said...

You amaze me my creative friend! I too have sweet dreams looking at your beautiful drawings, what a gift you have for the arts not to mention friendship.

planetjune said...

Beautiful drawings, Ponsawan! You are a lady of many talents :)

Susan T said...

Beautiful, Ponsawan! My first thought was "what fun to watercolor"! Sorry you're not sleeping but happy we get to see another side of your talent!

Susan T said...

Hey Ponsawan,
I was writing to Scott and came up with the best idea for your drawings!!!! Be sure to ask him!

Anonymous said...

your drawings actually draw more emotion and imagination than the photographs.