Friday, August 24, 2007

French Connection

From Polymercalydaily, I saw this technique used by a French Polymer clay artist, so I email her and she wrote the tutorial for me. How nice!
I tried it and loved it and did a demo at the Guild meeting last week. Everyone was excited about it. You can see the tutorial HERE.
This is a similar technique that I always use, putting different layers of clay together, stamped and slided the pieces. This one is different because the skinner blend gave out the effect that look like air-brush with different color. Also the pieces that were slided off will be used to make up another design, so you won't get the pendant that look exactly like the image on the stamp sheet.


Squirrel said...

Hi Ponsawan, I've read your blog for awhile these months, and I love your works.

I read the tutorial for this pieces, but actually it seems to be the same technique that you use for most of your wild things necklaces.
You never wrote a tutorial for the pendants, so I thought you made them by impressing with a texture and then slicing (just like you do for the bubble beads and the skinner blend gane).
Isn't it the same?


Hi, you are right about me using the stamp sheet to make impression on the clay and the the slicing. The French technique is diiferent in the way that the pieces that were slid off appeared to have more depth in them and looked like the effect of the air brush. Those pieces then were placed on to anothe sheet of clay to form an interesting pattern. If you click on "here" at the post, you will see how each color was lined up to get that effect. Genious! I cannot take credit for that.