Monday, August 13, 2007

Irvington Guild of Artists' Walk in the Park

This is a small art show I participated in but it was the best. The show shared the day with the Garden Club's Farmers market so we had our booth in the park under the trees. Not only did I, surprisingly, sell 5 necklaces, but also sold a few bracelets, rings and a bunch of loose beads. IGA also gave us breakfast, lunch, cold drinks throughtout the day and ice cream sandwiches from Dairy Queen for a snack. Many people came out despite the very warm weather and they were buying.
I borrowed wire form and fabrics from the Boutique. Since my neclaces are big, chunky and different, displaying them on clothing helped people visualize that they can actually wear them. I sold the Mother-of-Pearl, Africa and the Blue one (sorry, Jackie, I'll make you another one), all 3 of them were shown at the front of the booth. The customers did not really walk further into the booth, so those inside did not get much the attention, I guess. I have to fiugre that out before the next show (in 2 weeks).
People were surprised that I used FIMO. They had no idea that you can make these pretty things with Polymer clay. A few people asked if I teach classes, maybe I should start.


Susan Turney said...

Ponsawan, your necklaces look fabulous! I can see why they sold and what a great idea to show them on the "mannequins"! I do think this should be your new job!!!


Susan, this used to be my job, selling my jewelry at the art shows until I got my doggie's hospital bill. So, off to the book-keeping job but still do shows in the weekend. Thanks.