Saturday, September 01, 2007

Happy claying

Finally, the whole Saturday to clay. I am so happy to be able to sit down at my table and make something.
The first one is trans. with some metallic powder over raspberry. The color looks mysterious. I will have to explore more with that. Also the metallic powder I used is something new. I have to experiment with that before I can tell you more.
Next are the snake skin over different color base beads. I will make more of those for sure.
The third one is the pendent and matching beads using the technique I learn from our French Polymer Clay friend. They will turn into a necklace one of these days.
I also have the Black& White beads in the oven. A nice lady who lives in Kansas but comes here to visit her fiance, always takes all of my Black&White beads. May be she will be here next week. I better be prepared.
My friend who sells beads for me had booked 9 beads shows around the Midwest. She wants my beads so I better get busy, busy and busy.
I also have a new idea for my new collection. I hope you come back and see them. Scott had been a big support these days. He is coming next week with his flowers.
Neo is up and walking well. He still drags his feet a little bit. Thanks for asking about him.
I will visit my niece tomorrow. Then will hurry back because it is DH"s Birthday. We might go out to eat or go to Rib Festival. Yum, yum. Have a nice Holiday everyone.


Anonymous said...

All your beads are lovely. How do you make the snakeskin ones? Is there a tutorial anywhere?

Thank you for sharing your beads with us :)

Silastones said...

marilyn, I explained how I made the Snake skin beads at the pervious post. Thanks for reading, any more question, please let me know.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! So sorry, I did not see that before! I'll have to do some experimenting to see if I can work out how you did them from that :D Sounds complicated!

Anonymous said...

I gave the snakeskin bead a go, if you would like to see it, it is on my website
at the bottom of the page. There are also other beads/projects that I have made. Thank you for showing us your clay projects on this site, it has helped me a lot :)

It didn't come out as translucent as I had hoped - the colour underneath is a dark green (Sculpey string bean). Are your very bright ones made by substituting the translucent clay for the colour of your choice, but still having the white around the edge?

Silastones said...

marilyn, I like yours better. I used Fimo and just used it right out of the pack. My cane is a lot smaller than yours thought. I will trty to write the tut. for this soon. Thanks.

crystalsprings said...

I bought the tropical necklace at the Feast of Lanterns; a WONDERFUL piece! Wore it next day with a lime green jacket and got many comments. The detailed flower collage on the pendant works so well with the plainer solid-and-metallic polymer beads and the added glass and stone ones. Your beads are great; thanks for the opportunity to wear them!