Thursday, July 19, 2007

Souvenir from Japan

My husband's family came here for a visit. At the airport in Japan, my sister-in-law managed to grab something for us. From the left; Plastic Sushi key chain, next, the rice cracker with a tiny dried shrimp in the middle. Small cookies with chocolate inside. Banana and strawberry yogurt candies, both with chocolate inside. And the ultimate "Wasabi Pistachio". So good and so hot, I cried a tear of joy.
FUN FACT & TIPS: We eat with spoon and fork. First we put rice on the plate and top it with food. I had mentioned earlier that we share foods, but don't pile up different things on your plate at one time. Try it one at a time so you can savor the real taste. We use spoon to scoop the rice with the help from the fork so you get rice, sauce (or curry) and other ingredients at the same time. Also buy only Jasmine rice from Thailand. It is the best. :)

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Barbara Forbes-Lyons said...

Wasabi pistachios? Swoon....!