Monday, July 23, 2007

CHA-2007 Read all about it

What's a fun and exciting event to be. As you can see, the Bottle of Hope was the main event of this show for me. My butterfly got lost, but it was Ok with me. I will get another one on there before they auction it off. Lynne Ann bottle is amazing, as well as her necklaces, especially the one the won her a few awards. Tommie (aka -Big mouth) was so nice. He gave me a hug. It was so nice to finally meet him. Cat and I hang out for a day and ran into each other a dozen times on the next day. We did got so much accomplished. As a Polymer Clay Artist, I am trying to promote the material as well as the arts of making jewelry with clay.
I went to visit Jeannie at Making clay. We have so much fun talking and laughing. I bet her 10 bugs that I will get to smooch Scoot first, and I did.
I met Tamara marble, she was selling her cane. You can look at her works here. I bought some of her cane because they are so cute and I cannot make something like that, period. Enjoy the slide show and I will talk more about what I did later. By the way, thanks to Donna Kato's blog about CHA in Ananheim, and Judy Dunn who wrote a blog about how to promote yourself as an artist.


Kira said...

Hi! It was great to meet you, although we didn't get a lot of time it is always nice to meet the people you talk with online. Your necklaces are so cool in person.


Thanks Kira, till next time.

Judy said...

What a great slideshow! I don't think you needed my did great!


Thanks, Judy, I still need to read your blog anyway :)