Friday, July 27, 2007


My Corgi, Neo, had a back surgery on Tuesday. He now has 30 staples on his back. Without the surgery, he will be paralyzed from his waist down. We did not have a second thought about saving him, but with the hospital bill, I will have to go to work for a while. Which means less post or message.
I still have some more information I got from CHA that I like to share, but will have to get to it some other time. I also have a newborn niece that I want to help taking care of. Neo will need care for 2-3 weeks before he can be on his own.
My daughter's boyfriend flew from Paris to visit her. Haven't seen him yet. Not sure how to react.
Life should get back to normal next month. I also have 2 shows in August.
Till then, wish me luck and have fun claying.


Hélène said...

Je te souhaite bon courage pour les semaines à venir et un bon rétablissement pour ton adorable petit chien.
(Ne t'inquiète pas, le contact passe très bien avec les Français !)
J'espère retrouver bien vite tes magnifiques créations.
Hélène (from France)

Bettina said...

I wish you and Neo and your whole family all the best. I am waiting for new posts, I love your jewelry, your blog and your tuts.


Bettina said...

Sorry, I made a mistake by posting my site.

Susan said...

I hope all goes well with darling Neo!!! Your blog is one of my morning stops so I hope you can get back to it soon.


helene, thanks for the comment. I can't read it so I have to ask David to help me then. I'm sure he is a nice young man. :)


Thanks bettina, Neo is getting better, still draging his feet around, but he smiles a lot more.


Thanks for the kind words Susan. I should get back on track soon.

kc said...

Awww. Poor Baby.
Congrats on new baby.
Will certainly miss your posts.


Thanks KC. He is getting better now. :) Will share some picture of my niece later.