Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pillow Beads or Pizza Roll

This pillow shape beads is not hollowed inside like regular pillow beads. It has the filling inside and shaped like the Pizza Roll. Don't you agree.
I used my new stamp here, Barbara McGuire's stamp sheet of course. I bought 3 sheet at Bead&Button. Next week I will go to CHA. Wish I had some extra money to spend, but getting to see other Polymer clay artists will be a nice treat.
FUN FACT & TIPS: We do not call other people by just their names. Unless that person is your friend, otherwise it is polite to put "khoon" in front of their names, or "pee" which means older sister or brother, "na" is for younger aunt, "r" is for younger uncle, "pa" is for older aunt, "loong"is for older uncle, "pu" or "ta"is for grandpa, "ya" or "yay" is for grandma. Confuse enough! Next time you meet me just say "Sawasdee Ka Khoon Ponsawan"


Scott said...

You are so good with color combinations Ponsawan, Beautiful!

Laura said...

Beautiful! Is the Barbara McGuire stamp you are referring to an inked stamp? Or is it a stamp used only to leave a deep impression in layers of clay, followed by gently slicing off the top layers revealing colored patterns-ie Mokume Gane style? Will you clarify? I was not at Bead and Button :-( I love the colors of the bead. Gorgeous. How did you close your bead edges? My biggest problem was sunken spots on the beads during baking, followed by not so pretty edges. Your beads always look fabulous.!


Laura, I used the stamp sheet. I layer the skinner-blend sheet with green and black, stampeed and shave off the top layer. I then trim the sheet to get 2 square sheets. I made a small pillow from black clay to put inside, between 2 sheets. I cut the edge of the 2 sheet in an angle, so I can make a smoother seam. Confuse enough. I'll write a tut for you soon. Thanks

Sandi said...

I love your new work, Ponsawan -- just lovely. I hope to meet you in person someday, soon!


Laura said...

Thanks for your explanation Ponsawan. I understand now. Such beautiful color combinations. Your personality bubbles up from your posts. You sound like a very fun person. Like Sandi, I too would love to meet you someday!


Thanks Laura and Sandi. I would love to meet you both too. :)