Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bottle of Hope - 2007

This year my goal is to enter the Bottle of Hope contest and make it to top 25. AMACO will have the Bottle of Hope reception at CHA and I just want to be part of it. My friend, Scott, won both People's choice award and Designer's choice award last time. Scott and his works had inspired me in many ways. This year my bottle will be display among the top 25 winning bottles at CHA in Chicago.

About a week before a dateline, I made a sketch, even though I had a picture in my head already. This will keep me focus. About half way done, they postponed the dateline, so the bottle sat on my table for a month. I finally get it done a days before the dateline. This was not a good practice but I performed better with time crunch.

First, I was thinking about making a butterfly to put on top of my bottle. Butterfly cane? I just kidded myself. Finally I took a sheet of Copper mesh and cut out the butterfly, ran it through candle's flame to get colors then wired it up and stuck it on the top. Pretty interesting I think.

I am happy with the bottle and my chance to be at CHA to rub an elbow with other Polymer Clay Artists. I am honored.

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Mary said...

Very nicely done. I enjoyed seeing your thought process as well as the finished bottle.