Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lesson learn

Every year, in Spring, when the weather gets warmer, I like to take Ada to the Indianapolis Museum of Arts ground. We just go for a walk and be outside, in the garden. I usually take pictures of the flower while Ada waits impatiently. My dear friend, Scott, also send me pictures of flower in his garden. This year, via Facebook, a friend who lives in D.C., Orn, always posts pictures from her garden too. I am obcessed with flowers, may be, they are all the inspiration in my new works, my new design this year; Cluster Pendants.
Now that I have my workroom set up where most of my stuffs are all in one place, I am able to put together such pendants shown with different materials. Those little Lucite flowers help soften the look of wire, don't they?
Working with wire is like learning to play guitar, in a way, my finger tips are sored and bruised. I try to use pliers as much as I can, which is a good practice anyway, but still, I am working with Steel wire here.
As I laced the smaller gauge wire through the frame, with the classical music playing on the radio, I realized that I am in the Zone, where time stood still, I had no worried, my mind was calm. The pieces all came together like magic. What if I can do this with Ada, I mean, what if I can be this calm while working and taking care of Ada. Here, I am so patiently transform the Steel wire into something intricate, something different, may be I can bend her mind with the power that I have in myself, my hand, my heart and my love.
Today, I sing to Ada, give her a big smile, give her kisses, make her laugh, stroke her hair while I tuck her in bed and tell her how much I love her. Patiently :)


Clare with paint in her hair said...

oh wow I love this

. said...

Love your Peace and your Art.
Hug from France

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