Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Passage through Hong Kong

This summer I had a chance to visit Hong Kong for a couple of days with my friend, Angkana. You can read about my trip HERE. As we strolled along the narrow steps from street to street, we came upon the vendor who sell souvenirs near the Antique Dealer district. I stopped and looked. An old couple greet me with smiles. It is the Eastern traditional amoung the street merchants that the first customer is very important. Buying or not, this will dictate how yours day will be. So as a first customer, I always buy something, which mean I can make a bargain and also get a good price. Angkana was waiting patiently while I sort through trays pendants, ran my fingers through tray of beads, picking and looking. For me, it was like a treasure hunt. I must get the best one. An hour passed and I realized that Angkana must had enough of looking at the stone. She must be curious and wanted to knows what would do with a pile of stone that I bought that day. Well, my dear Angkana, this one for you. I had turned them into beautiful necklaces.
Thanks for being my friend.
My new collection, using stone pendants, metal pieces, loose beads that I bought from Hong Kong, and my own polymer clay beads, as well as "stuff" that I had from years and years of making jewelry. Some of the necklaces are half way done. My friend said I must have spout hands to be able to work on top of taking care of Ada 24-7. This is what I do when I can get away, to enjoy myself, to relax and to forget about the horrible things that happen to my life. I need to use my talent so I will not run out of creative juice.
I hope you like them too. I am selling these necklaces at "Twisted Sisters" and if you want any of these, just email me.


Angkana said...


WOW! I could never imagine those odd looking stones and metal pieces can be strung together so gorgeously and creatively. I am grateful for your talent and strenght that show us the extra-ordinary and the world full of visions and beauty. This is how great artists enhance the quality of our lives everyday and every minute.

In Hong Kong, I really enjoyed watching you pour through every tray of treasures. The way you caressed and touched each piece so lovingly did tell it all. The intricate jade pendant you quietly brought back for my son, Nathan, continues to bring him good luck and he wears it everyday with pride and gratitude.

Thank you for being the beautiful you. You have made this world a better place.


angkana said...

Oh, and I love the titles of your creation. Your muse is back and even stronger.

Susan Turney said...

Oh, Ponsawan!
These are all so beautiful! I'm so glad you have had some time to create and was thrilled to see a new post! What a special group of necklaces!

KeRobinson said...

I am in awe over the way you assemble your beads on your necklaces! So interesting! :)

minga said...

you have a wonderful sense for making beautiful necklaces

Anonymous said...

I caught my breath when I saw your new series today, Pons! How gorgeous and meaningful every piece is, and I, too, love the names you have chosen for them. I Hope to see you soon in the pc Thurs. chats! Hugs, Raindrop