Monday, December 01, 2008

2008 New Year's Resolution List

It is almost 2009 and I finally have a chance to look back at the list of things I want to do in 2008. It was the same list I had for 2007. First, I promise to learn to make canes. Not that I don't know how, there are so many tutorials out there and lots of advice from the experts who always laugh at me because I don't make canes. Second, I want to make Scarf pin. Third, I want to get into more art shows.
Last month I saw a tutorial on-line. It is different. Not a flowers cane but more like geometric design. I gave it a try, with a twist, I came up with these cool designs the I am excited about. I am not going to take any credits for it. I'm sure someone out there had done this before, but, the point is; I am making canes.
And here they are.

I cut them up into thin pieces and put them together.

Now the scarf pins. I have been thinking about the design for a while. The object is to make a pin with no-pin, but will hold the scarf together, light weight and look like a piece of artwork. And here they are.

The flowers on the pin are from canes that I bought from Keila Hernandez. The white flowers are mine. Not bad, ha.

About the shows, oh well, I'm sure you all know what had happened to my daughter, but I do have one show coming up this Saturday at Eitlejorg Museum.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciated the love and supports that I got from the Polymer Clay community. Instead of turning out the light and cry myself to sleep, I pick up the clay and play with them, make something . I also go on-line, check out other artist's works which always gave me an itch, to Clay.


Melanie said...

Oh Ponsawan I love the bottom one on the right in the first picture!!... maybe a skinner blend from purple to blue?...looks like you have been busy with your clay :) I need to make a few small presents with mine...I Hope You and Yours Have a Beautiful Holiday Season...

Susan Turney said...

Hi Ponsawan,
I'm so happy you're back to claying and it looks like you're having a ball! Your scarf "pins" are beautiful. I'm so glad you've found the time to experiment with canes. I'm hoping all this means Ada is progressing and you will have very happy holidays!

Lee Ann said...

Nice canes. The geometric canes look so much like your style. VERY nice, indeed.
Hugs, LA

Lee Ann said...

Nice canes. The geometric canes look so much like your style. VERY nice, indeed.
Hugs, LA