Thursday, October 16, 2008

My "High Flying" Son

My son, Archie, is specialized in defying gravity. Since he was 5 years old and got his first lesson in Gymnastic, he had put his strength and ability to the limit. Almost humanly impossible sometime.
This past weekend, Archie, the B-Boy, was invited to perform his dance at the new, International Indianapolis Airport and he actually gets paid to do that. Isn't that sweet. he came back home with dislocated shoulder and a sore hand that will need surgery next month, but he is happy and I am too.
I am working on my new collection, using materials that I bought from Hong Kong. Please come back at the end of this month and help me celebrate.
Since we had to remodel our home to make it suitable for our daughter, I have a space near Ada's room where I can work and be near her. I think she like to watch me while I am working and I'm sure she is happy that I can find time to do things that I like. It's the way I cope and keep my sanity.

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