Saturday, December 15, 2007

What to do with a slab of Mokume Gane

I really like this technique of layering the different color clays together, poke it with different kind of objects, then slide it with the thin blade and hope for the good. Rule of thumb that I use is to alternate the darker color with the lighter color, for example; dark blue, pearl, dark green, then light blue. Also sliding it in an angle will give you the pattern that looks like waves with bubbles.

Now what to do with it.

For this slab, I make the cuff, which was part of the claypen project then I covered the Altiod box. After shaving it for a while, with the bottom layer, I got myself a perfect pattern for the pendant. So I got 2 necklaces out of it and probable 2 pair of earrings and a ring that i am going to make next.
This way when I do the show, I can group my jewelry into a set with similar design and color. Now that I have Blue&Green, next will be Pink&Purple, Red&Copper, Brown&Orange, etc.

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artandtea said...

Your color choices are wonderful and inspiring on this snowy day in the Northeast!