Thursday, December 13, 2007

Under construction part 2

The construction project is underway. I feel like myself again, walking through the construction site, checking the drawing, the dimension and picking out floor material, wall color and furniture. You can see the counter bar is taking shape, the liquor cabinet behind the bar with space for the big screen TV, the ceiling is ready for the track light and the floor is ready to covered with dark brown vinyl, wood look alike material which will prevent slippery when wet. All the materials used are soy sauce proof. You should see the contractor's face when he saw me pouring soy sauce on everything. LOL . After all, this is a Sushi restaurant and soy sauce do stains. Now, up stair will be the banquet room, I called it the "Red Room"

As you can see, it is RED, very red. I picked the color and love it. The dark brown color from ceiling and floor should tone it down. The utility pipe will be copper. A couple of Geisha paintings would definitely gave this room a talk of the town. I asked my boss if i can do Mural Painting upstairs. What do you think? We will cover the windows with Bamboo. My boss will visit Ikea next week to pick up the lighting and lamp shades.
We should have fun decorate the place. My boss totally trust me on this, which is nice. I hope we get it done in 3 weeks so we can have our New Year party in the "Red Room"

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Susan Turney said...

Hi Ponsawan!
How exciting to see your plans come to fruition! I can't wait to see more!