Sunday, December 23, 2007

Questions & Answers

Q: What kind of rubber stamp sheet that I use?
A: I used Barbara McGuire's rubber stamp sheet. She is also on ETSY, you can order her stamp from there. Her stamps have deep grove and thin lines, perfect for the technique that I use.

Q: What kind of varnish that I used?
A: If I am using Metallic powder on my beads, I put on one coat or two of Fimo Gloss varnish. I used to put varnish on everything until the customer asked if I can make it Matt, so I stop putting varnish on my beads. I don't sand and buff my beads, occasionally, I brush on a thin coat of Future floor finish.
Sometime I sand and buff my pendants. It depends on the design and the look that I want. Most of the time I just rub it on my pants, or a piece of carpet to make it smooth and has a little bit of sheen on it.

Q: If you have any questions and want to ask me, what can you do?
A: Feel free to email me with any questions that you have. I am on-line all the time.

Q: You want to buy my jewelry, how?
A: I have my jewelry on consignment at Lilly's boutique in Zionsville. I also sell at craft shows and art shows around town. If you see something that you like, email me. First come, first serve, because most of my works are one-of-a-kind. I am also trying to put more stuffs on my ETSY store. My friend also sell my beads at Intergalactic bead show.

Thank you

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