Sunday, September 30, 2007

An afternoon in the park

We used do this every Sunday, going to the park. We will first stop at the playground, then walked down the trail to the river. Took off our shoes and played in the water. On the way up from the river, my kids raced up the hill and sat there wait for me to dragged by butt up the hill. I can't remember why we stop doing this, but it was a nice day today, so we went to the park.
The playground seems smaller and not much of the challenge like it used to for the boys. We walked down to the river but did not go in because Ada has to go to work. We still talked about the time when Arthy walked through the mud in his booth and the booth got stuck in the mad, so he fell down and covered with mud.
We had a great time today, laid down on the grass and talk to each other. Archie did the flip like always. I love my kids. We like to spend time together as much as we can. Ada is thinking about going to Paris. It will be hard to let her go.

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Scott said...

Looks like you had a beautiful day together! Great photos Pons, Neo looks worn out!