Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Painting on Polymer Clay

I spent a lot of time knitting scarves with my daughter. We went to get yarns from Hobby Lobby. They have pretty yarn on sale at 99 cents, and they also have a manager who rang all of them up at 99 cents. I think he fell in love with my gorgeous daughter.
Beside doing bookkeeping for the restaurant called Naked Tchopstix; the owner had decided to expand the restaurant that will double the size and have a small bar in it, and I also will play a role of an Architect in that project.
I am still playing with clay. New project, new ideas and I am having fun with it. Ok, ok, first I thought I will not post it on my blog, but many of my fans were disappointed not to see any thing new in the past few weeks. I am painting on clay. Here's some of the pictures.

These are not very good pictures of the cabochon. I took the picture as soon as I finished it so I can paint another one. Many are the picture of the flowers from Scott's garden.
Scott has a blog now, you can see it HERE. He wrote about the Blue ribbon he got from his "Best Bloom" Dahlia.
These cabs will be made into pendants. I'm in the painting mode not a finishing mode, so please give me some ideas of how to finish them.
I also have a store at ETSY now for a month. Just have 5 items on that for now. Please stop by


Susan Turney said...

Hi Ponsawan,
Those painted beads are gorgeous! And I love the large ones in your Etsy store!! How great that you'll be the architect on the many talents!!!!


Thanks Susan
I like my job but I do miss the time when I don't have a job and can clay all day.

Kim Cavender said...

Ponsawan, I really like the painted beads. What type of paint did you use? I think the last one is my favorite. Your children are so beautiful!