Thursday, June 14, 2007

Less is more

I did it! 50 different beads and they are all different. My friend, Angkana, left the comment about how they look like Japanese cartoon and she is right. I am obsessed with Japanese thingy. They make stuff that is so cute and adorable. I have a big collection of Pokemon Characters, Hello Kitty and Doramon. (Yes, me not my kids.) Simple design and a few line, go a long way.
Another concept that I applied to my work is the one that I learned in Design Studio101; "Less is More". Even though I am not designing a big, beautiful building, (like I should have), but my beads don't deserved any less from me. The white Polymer clay had been driving me crazy because it is so soft and keep picking up other colors. Anyway, I'll switch to different colors tomorrow because it is more fun to dream in color.
FUN FACTS & TIPS: Everybody love Thai food. It is hot, spicy and delicious. To eat Thai food like the native Thai, first, you order the appetizers, then the main courses and dessert at the end. We love to share food so it is OK to share. That's why they always put a serving spoon on the plate. It is polite to offer food to your guest before get it on your own plate. So, next time invite your friends to dinner and order 4-5 different dishes and share. AROY Mark = Very delicious.


Anonymous said...


Howdy! This is Julia aka ringlets. Remember me? Been so crazy around here, the youngest graduated from high school and will be leaving in 30 days for the Marines, extremely scary. Love all your new work, have almost all the tutorials printed out and ready to get busy trying some of your beauties. Love them all. Good to be back in the clay world again. lol


Silastones said...

Julia, long time no see. I was worried about you. Welcome back. My son graduated too but he is not going anywhere. Nice to talk to you again.

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome. They look like glass bead designs.