Saturday, June 30, 2007

I learned new things yesterday

Yesterday I went down to Bloomington to meet a friend, Stacy Apeitos. Stacy lives in Australia. She came here to visit her family. This is the first time I met her, we have known each other through the Blogging. Stacy was here to give a lecture about "No fear Marketing; fun with self-promotion for the Artist". She was talking about how to maximize the use of your blog. Since I do have one and had spent a lot of time with it. I learn a few things yesterday and one of those is how to make a slide show. So I did. Below you will find my first slide show. Pretty cool.
Stacy also wanted to buy my texture plates, so she got them delivered.
It is nice to make friend with a person who lives 1000 miles away from you. So, make a blog and make friends. No Fear!
Stacy's web site is
next thing I have to learn how to link the name with the website so you can click and point.


Stacey said...

Oh, wow, Ponsawan - the slide shows are fantastic! I really like how you created a tutorial with a slide show 17 July.

It was great meeting you. Maybe next time I come to Indiana we can pull out some clay and make some stuff!


Stacy, your suggestion about the slide show had put me on the map. Thank you for all your advices. I hope next tim we can clay together.