Sunday, June 10, 2007

Back from B&B

I had an opportunity to help "CAT" in her class. It was a great experiences for me. My friends always tell me that I should teach. I have to think about it.
Libby Mills stopped by to say hello.

Here are some of my beads at Beadroom Booth. They look pretty up there, don't they?

Barbara McGuire at her booth. Every year I have to stop by and say hello to her. I bought more stamp sheets and cannot wait to try them. She is also has a new book coming out.

Christie Friesen booth is the fun place to be. She is so very nice to me even though we only meet once a year. She is funny, happy and full of energy. And all of her works, what can I say, they are to die for. She gave me her new book; Cats big&small.

Grant Diffendaffer had a booth this year. I am so happy to see him again. He actually remember my name and pronounce it correctly. Many people think his work belong in a museum, and I am agree. I put Grant's name on my "favorite guy" list, next to Scott. (Did I tell you he made us dig into the garbage bag and took the soda cans out after his class so we can recycle them? How can you not love this guy?)
Marla Frankenberg waved at me and pointed to the name tag. We hugged and talked to each other as if we had known each other for years.

Judy Belcher at NPCG Booth. She is so pretty, and she had a prettiest smile that warmed my heart and she made me feel welcome to the Polymer clay (real) world. On Saturday, when I stopped by and asked her if she needed any help, she pull out the sheet and said I can do a demo at NPCG table 2:00 to 3:00. Can you believe it? I must have been dreaming! My 60 minutes fame at Bead&Button Show. Guess what, who did the demo before me? Christie Friesen. And who did the demo after me? Lisa Pavalka. I felt like the joke was on me, but, I had to gather a lot of courage to sit in that chair. I did it and was so darn proud of myself. Thanks Judy.

Marsha and Kelly are two of my favorite artists at the show. Marsha is known for her ceramic beads and pendants. Kelly's mixed media pendants are the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I hope to learn from her someday. Since I did not sell a lot of my beads, I don't have money to spend. So I traded my ring with a few of Marsha's pieces. I also traded a few rings with Judy who owns the Natural Touch Resin beads. Her resin beads are so pretty. She loves the rings that I made using her donut resin beads. I can look at all of her beads all day.
It was nice to be able to get what I want without spending any money. LOL I just love those girls.
I also met a lot more Polymer Clay artistes such as Klew, Heather Wynn and 2 ladies from "Two can Clay". And of course "Cat", who has her own booth where all of her butterflies and pretty flowers were in full bloom.
Each year there are more and more Polymer clay artists participation at the show, having a booth as well as teaching classes. I think Polymer clay Rocks!
I have a bag full of goodies. I was looking for things like small charms and flat beads that I can use to make rings. I think I will make more rings and have some more Daily queen ice cream cake. Hey, it is my 50th Birth Day today, OK! :0)


Christie said...

Wow Ponsanwan! You had a wonderful time and so many great experiences. Congrats on the NPCG demo. Wow! You are so deserve it all. :)


Thanks Christie. I wish everybody could be there with me.:)

Susan Turney said...

Hi Ponsawan!
What a great time you had! Thank you for posting all the pics and telling us all about it! It's almost like being there!


Thanks Susan. Let's go together next year. :)All those seed beads are so pretty. Too bad I don't buy beads any more, since I can make them.

K. Hernandez said...

Hi Ponsawan! It was so nice to meet you at CAT's class. You are a wonderful person to be around! I'm workng on some rings using the canes we made in class, thanks for the inspiration! How neat that you got to do a Demo at the NPCG booth! Happy Birthday too!

Yui said...

Jim+: Happy belated Birthday! I enjoyed your blog very much. You are kind and so giving. What a great teacher you are!

I enjoy the polymer and the creative bead world reading your account. You have made so many good friends out there; I am very happy for you.

Anonymous said...

I am in the process of marketing a children's game and am in need of someone to make fimo clay beads. Can you help????