Wednesday, December 13, 2006

French Impressionism

My new, bigger piece made with SBSMG (Skinner Blend-stamped-Mogume Gane) technique. The skinner blend part is not quite perfect, because I try to blend too many colors together. Just give me a couple of days to work with it. I am able to incorporate some of my beads that I have made before with it. I really like this one. The wax linen cord gave a softer look to the necklace as well as made it easy to add more beads. Just cut more string, add beads, tied up the ends and tie it to the necklace.
P.S. My friend at PCCchat room gave this technique a name; Hidden Magic. (Read the comment)
P.S. I would like to also credit Barbara McGuire. I watch Carol Duvall show and she was using the rubberstamp to make impression on layers of clay. She used the white clay underneath the black clay, then slide the whole thing to reveal the image. I also used her rubberstamp sheet here.:)


Cindys Art + Soul said...

Just found your site though PC daily link. Wow! That is a gorgeous piece! Absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Another sweet piece :)

Hidden magic is a similar technique by Jenny Patterson ( that she had published in PolymerCafe in 2003. She uses a compressed cane(that has skinner blends), stamps into it and shaves away... very MG like. Makes very interesting patterns.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Ponsawan! I think the blend looks great.

Xana e Té said...


I found your site though PC daily link too

Beautifull, Beautifull piece :o)
I agre whit kim the blend looks great.

Anonymous said...

Great love it !!!
Love to own that one....