Friday, December 01, 2006

Flower Topiary Beads

After making the rings, I had many tiny clay snake around my table, so I roll them up and stick them to the black ball. Flattened and Rolled them between the palms of my hands and the results are the multi-colored beads on the top row. Interesting, I told myself. Next, the blue beads, I keep the colors in the same hue. Next row, I tried pink, red, orange and purple. Then, it just occurred to me that I can leave the swirly clay as they were, just pressed down lightly, no rolling.
They look like Topiary balls to me, don't you think? Beads with texture and can be made with never ending color combinations. I love it!


Anonymous said...

LOVE these!! Isn't it wonderful when the unexpected is a positive like this?! (pocadot88 over at PCC).

silastones said...

I cannot find you at PCC. Please e-mail me @, so we can talk. Ok?

Elaine said...

These are excellent Pons! I'm wandering through your posts to take a look around but I've always liked the topiary beads various clay artists have done and yours are a nice twist.