Saturday, December 23, 2006

What's on my table

I am working on the swirly Blue beads today. I figured that if I keep making just one shade of color at a time then I can keep them at the same shade. I sold my first batch of Blue beads, yeh!
Any way, I just want to say Happy Holidays to everyone. For me, I am putting my Holidays on hold until my daughter comes home. She misses us and we miss her. I can't blame her for not hurrying home, after all, who want to come back to Indiana when you have a great time in Paris.


dymoon said...

I really enjoyed visiting and seeing your creations. I liked the "Asian" feel to what you do.
I saw the boutique in your bio, are these clothing that you've made?

silastones said...

The boutique belings to a friend of mine. She is kind enough to let me put my jewely on consignment.I usually don't dress up like that . LOL. :0 And I wish I can make dresses like that.